Years of experience and hands-on training allow the professionals at Spirit Ranch to create a personalized program to address the needs of you, your family, and your dog.

You and your dog will not only learn but enjoy the many classes we offer, whether Puppy, beginner, intermediate, intermediate adventures or advanced classes. Our awesome staff, along with Amy Vaughan, Canine Behaviorist and owner and President of Spirit Ranch Professional Dog Training, provide their knowledge and experience in a multitude of areas pertaining to dog training.

Our Training Methods

Spirit Ranch courses range from Basic Obedience, to Service and Therapy Dog training. All training methods are based on a strong foundation of Positive Reinforcement techniques. Our Behaviorists can customize classes to correct unwanted behaviors such as aggression, fearfulness, excessive barking, and others. We work hard to stay current on the latest and most effective ways to achieve results with your dog. We incorporate an understanding of wolf pack mentality and breed-specific characteristics and behaviors that affect your dog’s learning in order to educate you and train your dog. All of our Trainers are College Ceritified with different levels of certifications and specialties. We are certified thur AKC, ABC, APDT, IACP, CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT, CAPBT, AVSAB, CCPDT, ABS, with on going continuing education (CEU). We are certified school and Mentro's with our Dog Training and Grooming. 

Adoption of Rescued Dogs

Rescued dogs are often under a lot of stress from being moved around or kept in anxiety-provoking, overcrowded environments. Many rescued dogs have a history that includes mild to severe trauma caused by different circumstances such as lack of socialization or neglect, puppy mills, physical abuse, etc. We can help make the transition into your home go as smoothly as possible. Spirit Ranch can address the following issues commonly related to rescued dogs.

How to introduce the Rescue to other pets/family members in the home

How to implement structure and routine from day one to ease anxiety

How to crate train and where to put the crate (Very important for rescues!)

How to choose a dog food

How to find the source of fear or anxiety issues

How to rehabilitate and socialize a fearful and/or anxious dog

Note: We have multiple locations. Please double check that you are selecting the event from the locations you are needing.

At Spirit Ranch, We Teach All Dogs New Tricks.


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