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In-Home Dog Sitting Prices

(At the client's home)
One dog: $52/day
Second dog: $26/day
Third dog: $23/day
Fourth dog: $21/day
Fifth dog: $21/day

Maximum number of dogs accepted for dog sitting in one household is five. Cats/birds/other small animals: $8/day per animal.


When you hire our In-Home Dog Sitter to come to your house, all training and routines within the household will be maintained. Any errands or extracurricular activities can be negotiated with Spirit Ranch Dog Training Management and is not the responsibility of the Dog Sitter.
Dog Sitter's Responsibilities may include for free: watering no more than 10 plants, picking up mail or news paper, keeping animals' environments clean, calling home owner if anything unexpected or suspicious happens at the house, keeping the home as tidy as it was left, staying the night at the house.
Dog sitters may be students and/or have jobs and are free to go about their schedules, but are otherwise expected to be at your house. Extended outings by the dog-sitter on holidays are to be discussed and agreed upon between Spirit Ranch Dog Training Management, Dog-Sitter, and the client. The dog's best interest is always our priority. Dog Sitters are never to do the following without your permission: eat your food, go into any rooms unnecessarily, go through your belongings, have any guests over, or consume alcohol.
Management performs random, surprise drop-ins.

Deposits and Reservations

A 25% deposit is required once you have selected the dates through which you wish to utilize our services. If the job is over 10 days then a 50% deposit is required. The deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE if the cancelation occurs within a month of the Dog Sitting dates. If the dates of your reservation change, you must notify us at least TEN DAYS in advance of the original reservation, otherwise you will be required to pay for the original dates in addition to the altered dates. The total payment (minus the deposit), for In-Home and Home Away From Home, is to be made at the BEGINNING of the stay. Arriving home a day or more later than scheduled will result in a $10 per day late fee, plus normal fee.
Cancelation within less than a month notice are nonrefundable. 

Roll-Over Times:

Monday through Saturday after 9am is considered to be the start of a new day that you will be charged for. Sunday is NOT a pick-up or drop off day unless agreed upon  by the Dog Sitter. Holidays are NOT pick-up or drop off  days unless agreed upon by Spirit Ranch Dog Training Management, the Dog Sitter, and the Client, and must be payed in full to hold sitters. 


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