Full Time Doggie Daycare

Requirements for Owners Each owner must complete an ONLINE DAYCARE APPLICATION or you can DOWNLOAD THE DAYCARE APPLICATION and bring the completed form into Spirit Ranch Doggie Dayout. All owners must submit a copy of current vaccinations prior or first day of daycare.
Requirements for Dogs

Canine guests must complete a temperament test at Spirit Ranch Dog Training (included in the cost of the first full day of daycare) in order to participate in-group play.

Doggie Day Outs Hours of Operation:

.   1/2 day is $20
.   Full day is $27*

1/2 DAYS: 5 hours or less
.   30 - 1/2 days is $450
.   20 - 1/2 days is $320
.   10 - 1/2 days is $180
.   5 - 1/2 days is $95

FULL DAYS: 6 hours or more
.   30 - FULL days is $600
.   20 - FULL days is $420
.   10 - FULL days is $240
.   5 - FULL days is $130 

If you purchase one of our Packages then you may come on any day you choose. You have 6 months to use your package up.

Maintenance Training During Daycare

Add Ons:
. Maintenance Training - Have already had training with us and just need some help fine tuning a few commands
. 1 private for $50
. Package of 2-5 privates a month for $45 per session
. Packages of more then 5 times a month for $40 per session

*Maintenance Training is for BASIC Obedience ONLY. Does NOT include Aggression Training.

Treat your dog... Contact us today about scheduling a Meet and Greet session for your pet!

All Dogs over 6 months old must be fixed for their safety.

At Spirit Ranch Dog Training, We Teach All Dogs New Tricks.


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