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  • Aggression Rehabilitation
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  • Protection training

Training Methods

Spirit Ranch courses range from Basic Obedience, to Service and Therapy Dog training. All training methods are based on a strong foundation of Positive Reinforcement techniques. Our Behaviorists can customize classes to correct unwanted behaviors such as aggression, fearfulness, excessive barking, and others. We work hard to stay current on the latest and most effective ways to achieve results with your dog. We incorporate an understanding of wolf pack mentality and breed-specific characteristics and behaviors that affect your dog's learning in order to educate you and train your dog.

In Home Training

If you have a busy lifestyle, our group classes do not fit into your schedule, or your dog is having extreme behavioral issues, private lessons may be the best option for you. The days and times available for private lessons are flexible in order to fit your needs and are based on a schedule agreed upon by you and your trainer.

Dog Running

Our Professional Dog Runners are trained to assess what level of exercise is appropriate for your dog's age, breed, and individual needs. For some dogs, running is vital for overall mental and physical wellbeing. Running is a great way to release energy in a positive way, easing issues your dog may have with anxiety or overexcitement. The proper amount of exercise paired with our Positive Reinforcement Obedience program is a guaranteed recipe for a happy family, four-legged members included.


Doga is Yoga with your dog. It is a great way to bond and relax with your dog. It is great for dogs and humans of all ages. Some people who regularly practice yoga at home will notice that many dogs are naturally drawn to the activity. This activity is a great way for dogs and humans of all ages to bond and relax.

Doggy Day Out

Doggy Day Out is a daycare-style environment supervised by Professional Trainers and Daycare Attendants who have been trained to correct inappropriate play and encourage positive interaction. We keep playgroups small and make sure every dog is comfortable and happy. Doggy Day Out is offered Monday through Friday. Call to set up a Temperament Evaluation.

Dog Sitting

As dog owners ourselves, we have felt and witnessed repeatedly the trauma that can come from a bad boarding experience. Even the most socialized dog can become overwhelmed and stressed in a high volume boarding facility. We offer In-Home Dog Sitting (which is really more like housesitting), as well as Home Away From Home Dog Sitting where socialized dogs have the option to stay at the home of one of our Dog Sitters. By talking to you we will be able to assess which option is best for you and your dog.

At Spirit Ranch, We Teach All Dogs New Tricks.


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