Canine Behaviorist and Owner

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Amy has been a dog trainer for twelve years and received her certification while being employed at Petsmart. She fell in love with changing canines and their owner's lives through positive training. As her passion and love grew for training, she received five promotions and became the area trainer for Petsmart. Amy has now received her certification as a K9 behaviorist, Dog and Human Rehabilitation with Aggression, scent work, Therapy Dogs, and Service Dogs. She also is an evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen test and is a mentor and professor at the Animal Behavior College. Amy left Petsmart to continue her dream to start her own business. She ensured the company she created was family based and always had the clients best interest at heart. Most importantly she wants to make a happy environment for both owner and canine, along with saving lives. Amy has many accomplishments including being a member of AKC, ABC, and ADPT. Her hope is to continue to grow her business with her daughter by her side and continue changing the lives of so many. She currently runs three locations, oversees all trainers, Doggy Day Out, dog running, an dog sitting. She has also earned the respect of Rogers County Courts and has been requested to be their main source of training.


Professional Dog Trainer, Boot Camp Trainer, Manager & Dog Sitter

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Megan is a certified trainer through Animal Behavior College. She received her certification in 2009 when she lived in San Diego, CA. She knew then that she always wanted to be a dog trainer. In 2012, she moved back to Oklahoma. Megan began to work with Amy and Spirit Ranch Dog Training. In 2014, she adopted Luke who is a Lab/Pit mix that Amy rescued. Megan is now the head Trainer with Spirit Ranch Dog Training and oversees the training at the three locations. She looks forward to learning more about the different areas of training. Megan is learning how to deal with Dog and Human Aggression in dogs which is something that she is very passionate in learning about. Training is a passion of hers and she looks forward to helping others and saving dogs lives.


Dog Sitter

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Jessica is a 25 year old dog sitter who has been loyal working for Spirit Ranch Dog Training for six years. Her favorite part of dog sitting is making sure the dog is comfortable and happy while their owner is away. She work as a preschool teacher for community action project during the day. She has her own dog that lights up her life. His name is Edgar.


Dog Sitter

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Steve is one of Spirit Ranch Dog Training's long time dog sitters. He loves dogs and shows that by caring for our clients dogs like they are his own. He treats everyone he comes in contact with, with nothing but utter kindness. Steve will always go above and beyond what is asked of him. He is an invaluable asset and Spirit Ranch Dog Training is lucky to have him.


Professional Dog Trainer, Boot Camp Trainer & Dog Sitter

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Cody is one of our trainers and Dog Sitter. He has been working for Spirit Ranch Dog Training since April 2016. He left Target where he was Front End Supervisor to come to Spirit Ranch Dog Training because he has a strong love for dogs and all the dogs absolutely love to be around him. His passion and love for dogs is what makes him such a great trainer and employee. It definitely shows how much he loves his job in doggy daycare and when he is training in class. Cody is striving to learn more in the dog training field so that he can become a better trainer for his clients. He also wants to expand his training qualifications. Cody has a 3 year old Pit named Zoe who was rescued by a client of ours. Zoe and Cody instantly fell in love when they first saw each other.


Dog Sitter

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Shelley is Spirit Ranch Dog Training's long time dog sitter. Her humor always manages to light up any room. Shelley is reliable, kind hearted, and enthusiastic. She has worked for Spirit Ranch Dog Training loyally for over six years, and continues to exceed our expectations. Her love for dogs is inspiring.


Professional Dog Trainer, Boot Camp Trainer & Dog Sitter

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Micheal is a fun loving and charismatic dog lover. She has been a loyal and reliable asset to Spirit Ranch Dog Training and continues to impress with every obstacle she is faced with. Her expertise with dominant breeds is unparalleled. She has a strong passion for training and is an invaluable addition to our team.


Professional Protection Dog Trainer

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Chuck graduated from the United State K9 Academy in Milford, Connecticut in 1988. He was taught by Jack Healy a pioneer in canine behavior of that time. Mr. Healy set out to find a scientific method of dog training. The Healy Method is a non-intrusive technique for training canines for reliable companionship and Protection. Over the years, Chuck has continued to improve his skills and embellish his knowledge by staying current with the modern scientific techniques regarding canine behavior. Combining reward based training systems with the Healy Method he is able to help dog owners have a reliable and obedient canine companion.


Doggy Daycare Attendant

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Hi I'm Autumn!
I'm 22 years old. I've always loved dogs, especially growing up with 50 hunting dogs. I was always around them and loved every moment of it. One day I want to start a rescue for pitbulls. They are my favorite breed and I love that Spirit Dog Training welcomes and loves them too. I want to be able to have a ranch for them to run and get the love they never had. I have worked for another daycare before but I love that this one is about teaching the dogs how to play and the true love for the dogs. I also work at a vet too.


Doggy Daycare Attendant & Dog Sitter

Hi my name is Hailey!
I’m a Doggy Daycare Attendant/Dog Sitter here at Spirit Ranch Dog Training. Ever since I was little, all I can remember is being surrounded by tons of different animals! I love every type of animal, dogs just happen to be my favorite:) I’ve always wanted to be a part of a team that works to train and create a happy place for dogs to go to when their parents are away at work, and that’s why I am thankful to have found Spirit Ranch Dog Training. I’m happy to work for a fun, loving, and safe place for all dogs. I also love dog sitting. My favorite part is to be able to treat them like I would my own and make sure they are happy and content while their owners are away and to make the owners comfortable as well:)!!


Doggy Daycare Attendant & Dog Sitter

Hello, I’m Niki!
I am 27 years old, and I work as a dog day care attendant here at Spirit Ranch Dog Training. I was in the restaurant industry for about 10 years, when I discovered it was not for me anymore. I was bringing my puppy to day care almost everyday to Spirit Ranch Dog Training. Everyone was always very kind and treated my puppy great. I used to dog sit growing up, and I remember how much fun I would have. Now, I’m living the dream taking care of these wonderful beautiful dogs everyday!

Thank you
Amy Vaughan


Dog Trainer, Doggy Daycare Attendant, Front & Retail

From the age of six Ester’s father, a trainer, breeder and hunter himself, had her working with dogs instilling a firm sense of consistency, patience, and willingness to see each animal in front of her. At 16 she acquired her “first dog”, a schnauzer, who participated in agility and minor obedience. From that day forward, she was hooked. Once she graduated high school, Ester started working/studying the many different facets of the pet industry including pet stores, professional kennels, vets’ offices, and canine hospitality such as grooming, boarding and daycare. She wanted to ensure that she not only understood dogs but the world humans had created for them. She continues her education to ensure she applies the best information, tools or training aids, and approach for every dog she comes into contact with. She has studied the work of trainers such as Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, and Patricia McConnell Ph.D to form the basis of her overall approach to dog training.

When it comes to training, Ester loves it all. From working with her own dog on the agility course in high school, she began professionally training at PetSmart to learn the basics. Since then she has encompassed multiple areas of training. Some of her fields of study have been; service dog handling, public access training, therapy dog curriculum and fear work. In the future, she is hoping to return to her roots and gain more experience with both raccoon and duck hunting, leading up to prison search and retrieval in rugged conditions. Size, breed, temperament; bring it on! Ester has worked with hundreds of dogs ranging from teacup yorkies and miniature poodles all the way to the giant Caucasian Ovcharkas and Dogo Argentinos. To Ester, “Every dog has drive but they aren’t always going the direction we want.” Her main focus during her training with you is to:

· Establish a direct line of communication between dog and owner
· Educate the dog about the owner’s expectations
· Build a training program to fit the whole family
· Forever preserve the spirit and personality of your canine companions


Doggy Daycare Attendant & Dog Sitter

The name is Jennifer, I own one dog and four cats. I refer to all dogs as human beings, and all dogs are perfect and we are not worthy of their presence! for a good portion of my life i was a cat lady, until my Jackson (dog) came into my life and turned everything around, i became active in the rescue community as did my dog Jack, he loved cats and when we would go to the oet store he had yi always see the cats, he just wanted to give them all kisses, and then i found my current dog Simon, actually Jack and Simon became best friends through a fence! eventually we rescued Simon from a car lot, but unfortunately after a year with Simon our Jack was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away a month and a half later, Simon stepped up and made all the pain my wife and i were feeling easier, but the pain is still fresh, but we are beyond lucky to have Simon, he makes everything better in this world! I love all animals, i can never turn a blind eye to a dog or any animal thats in need! thats all folks!


Manager of Doggy Daycareanager of Doggy Daycareanager, Groomer, Teacher of Grooming, Dog Sitting &am

Hello, I’m Niki.
I’ve been with Spirit Ranch Dog Training since February 2021.
I started bathing dogs when I was sixteen at a mom and pop shop. In 2006, I met Amy and she got me on at a petsmart. I fell in love! My goal was to learn everything DOG! From there I became certified to teach grooming and have my certification in training. I now am pursuing my training hands on training and Managing Spirit Ranch Dog Training.
I’ve found where I belong.
I have 3 pups Jeffrey Hostetler, Carlos Enchiladas, and Olive oliie oh! I also have an Amazing human child Hadley. (Who’ve you all probably seen or talked to) I can’t wait to see what’s next for me here at Spirit Ranch Dog Training!

At Spirit Ranch Dog Training, We Teach All Dogs New Tricks.


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